Every business needs a specialist for document imaging and document scanning in Houston; they just might not know it yet. Document imaging specialist are in high demand in large corporations but even higher demand in small local businesses. The very first task of any specialist is to demonstrate exactly how life without them is impossible. A talented document imaging specialist will assess their potential customer’s needs and what the customer wants to achieve through document imaging. Every business is different, but a common need is the desire to open new doors for future opportunity. Assessing the value of documenting imaging and document management services in Houston for each business is essential. Are they just looking for a better filing and archiving system or are they more interested in archiving documents for easy retrieval and tracking. Is security a major concern? Is regulatory compliance an issue? Any or all of these reasons can be satisfied by a good enterprise content management system and a skilled DIS (document imaging specialist).

With document imaging’s exponential growth it is estimated that sales will grow to 7.5 billion by 2016. SO it is a good idea to be cognizant of some of the biggest reasons customers want to use document imaging.

  1. If your client desires big data (the ability to look at and analyze both structured and unstructured data) to help understand and analyze trends and fluctuations in business schemes, nothing does that easier than having document imaging. Paper documents can be converted into a format that will make search and analysis simple. Converting the paper documents may be a challenge that the imaging specialist can resolve by suggesting the right scanning equipment and the right optical character recognition (OCR) software for the job.
  2. Business real estate is expensive and the cost of storing paper documents is an unnecessary expense. Digitized files take up almost no room making the standard file cabinet obsolete. Is saving space and ease of retrieval a major motivator for your client?
  3. Data Security: Fire, flood, pests and age are all enemies of paper documents, requiring them to be locked up and stored in a secure environment. Sensitive digital archives on the other hand can be easily stored in the cloud or locked away for easy access and data security.
  4. Access management: With digital formatting, discovering and tracking who has used or changed a document is a snap. Electronic safeguards on digital files control user access of sensitive data by using password protection and user rights management. Managing workflow may be an essential part of a business’ criteria.
  5. Regulatory Compliance: Medical records and many legal documents have regulations that dictate exactly how a document is stored, accessed, and accounted for. Digital document imaging simplifies this process and helps meet all the compliance standards quickly and easily.
  6. Sharing data: With the advent and expansion of multi- location business offices, the sharing of data and files has become a primary need. Digital collaboration has become common and the skilled imaging specialist can recommend the correct technology so that even paper documents that are specialized, like blueprints, can be shared with the right technology.
  7. Going Green: The move toward environmentally friendly practices places pressure on customers to cut unnecessary waste. Since 50% of business waste is paper waste and paper accounts for 35% of landfill waste; it takes 10 liters of water to make ONE SHEET of paper; going digital and reducing paper waste gains bonus points for the customer as they show environmental responsibility.

These 7 basic needs customers have for digital imaging specialists and document storage in Houston, TX are just the beginning. There are others, but only an analysis of the customers’ current processes and plans will reveal the most perfect solutions for each business. While even digital imaging solutions can never be a standalone solution, it can add value, depth and open up whole new avenues for future advancement for the customer. If you’re searching for photo and picture restoration in Houston, contact us.

WeScanFiles knows that customer relationships matter. Building a solid relationship with the customer is primary. Therefore, we have developed an assessment tool that will clarify the added value of document imaging specifics to assist in building customer assessments. To discover more about how you can open future opportunities contact us today at We Scan Files.


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