The scanning of documents converts documents into image form. Below are listed the major benefits associated with electronic storage of an organizations documents.

Document security is enhanced greatly by electronic storage. For each and every document and folder, passwords can be created. With passwords in each and every document and folder, access to then is strictly restricted to only a few individuals. Enhanced security is needed on all business documents that have business secrets, future business plans and confidential information of the business. The enhanced security in important business documents is meant to prevent information in these documents from being leaked.

Documents occupy less space when in electronic form. The computer system in an organization storing documents will occupy less space compared to the space occupied by cabinets. A small hard disk that can comfortably fit in the palms of a person’s hand can store huge volumes of documents. The space saved by using hard disks instead of cabinets will be used by an organization for other prime uses.
The time used in document retrieval is reduced to a great extent when documents are stored in an electronic media. In an electronic system, documents are normally stored in a central location. When the system is requested to provide a particular document, the document will be retrieved within a short period of time. While the document is being retrieved, a person can carry on with other activities in the computer or with other activities in the organization. After using the document retrieved in an electronic system, they will be no hassle of returning the document to where it was retrieved from as the document is in the central location even as it is being used. After finishing using a document, one should just close the document.

It’s fast and easy to search for any document in the hard disk of a computer system. Computerized systems have functionalities such as advanced search. Advanced search allows a user to search for a document using only a phrase in the document.

Sharing electronic documents is easier than sharing paper documents. Electronic documents can be shared easily over a network by email. When sharing sensitive organization documents in the web, a controlled network with adequate security is normally used. By sharing documents over a network, the organization saves printing costs, photocopying costs and postage costs it could have incurred if the documents were in paper form.

Backing of electronic documents to locations in other countries and to off site locations prevents the possibility of document loss when disasters happen. Disasters such as theft, floods, vandalism and fire will cause the loss of paper documents because they don’t normally have backup. However, electronic documents normally are backed in fail-safe archives which cannot be invade by a thief or destroyed by fire or any natural disaster.

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