We Scan Files is a premier document scanning company reputable for providing top-notch filing solutions in the Fort Worth Area. Whether you are a law firm, a medical office, or a local government institution, we provide you with document scanning and management services that meet your needs.

We distinguish ourselves through our unmatched commitment to quality and customer service. Besides, we ensure your documents’ security by providing onsite services, a privilege you cannot find in most scanning bureaus. Document management in Dallas is quite important mostly in industrial areas.

Below are our filling solutions in the Fort Worth Area.

Data Entry

We understand that your business could be relying a lot on particular data in a pre-scanned document. Therefore, we feed any quantity of data into a program or a database that your business needs to run efficiently.

Restoration of Photo and Paper

Disasters are unanticipated, and when they occur, they may damage your important business documents that are not in digital format. At We Scan Files, we generate copies of the spoilt documents, clean or recreate them if need be. Although the process is time-consuming, we ensure you get great results in the end.

Maintenance Retainers

Maybe you have a lot of paperwork or face limitations of time or workforce to manage the needed amount of scanning and indexing. We have monthly retainers whereby our experienced staff assists you in running your paperless office. It relieves your employees who can focus on fundamental business issues.

Forms Processing

We carry out form processing after scanning your documents to collect necessary information from the forms. Our customized applications ensure the collection of information is efficient and correct through the use of double-blind keying.

File Conversion

To ensure you get the best document scanning solutions, we have advanced software to meet all your document conversion requirements. If any document does not work properly with your company or software, we are well equipped to convert it into a compatible format. Besides, we can combine several documents into one PDF.  

Disaster Prevention

A backup solution is critical to cushion you from major data loss in case of a disaster. Our team at We Scan Files can carry out an audit on your data storage situation and develop a disaster prevention plan.

PDF Conversion

We have scanning software to help convey documents into Word format instead of retyping.

Online Storage

You don’t have to worry about where to store your data anymore. We assist businesses in storing their critical and sensitive documents safely and securely online to keep them away from unauthorized access and guarantee safety in case of a disaster. You have an assurance of security since we use secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption to protect your data from illegitimate access.

Optical Character Recognition (O.C.R.)

We Scan Files uses OCR technology to draw text from your paper documents and feed them into a usable text file or database. Additionally, we can facilitate searching by making many document folders word searchable.

Document Destruction

Once you digitize your documents, we help destroy your documents to ensure you only store the required information.

Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS)

At We Scan Files, we use Electronic Document Management Systems to allow storage and sharing of files at a centralized point for security, flexibility, and backup. Additionally, the systems give you control over the documents to lock them and give access to selected users. Therefore, you have a guarantee that your files are in a secure and centralized location.

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Are you a business or institution looking for filing solutions in Fort Worth Area? Look no further than We Scan Files. We have the expertise to give efficient document scanning services that meet your needs at competitive prices.  Contact us today to learn more about our document scanning services in Dallas, TX

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