Business Document Scanning

Here are some benefits of Businesses Document Scanning:

Reduced costs: For companies who have staff managing information, positions can be reallocated to focus on more revenue-generating areas. With document imaging, storage space is saved and hard copies no longer take up space. For companies who are renting space to store files, this could add up to a lot of money on an annual basis. Also, by not having to print a hard copy of every file needing to be retained, you’ll save on ink and paper.

Automatic protection: When files are maintained through a Business Document Scanning program, you can be sure that everything needing to be retained is available with just a simple click of the mouse. Retention periods are automatically monitored, so once a file has reached the end of its “shelf life,” the information gets deleted from the system. These features of a document management system can protect you in the event of a court case or audit and allow you to automatically comply with state and federal regulations.

Increased Security: Business identity theft and sensitive information falling into the wrong hands are things all businesses have to work hard to prevent. With information being housed through a document management program, information is protected on a secure, password-protected site. You can choose who has access to what. Not only does that help prevent possible internal identity theft problems, but you’ll also be protected if there’s a break-in at your business because sensitive information won’t be lying around.

Convenience: Information is accessible with this type of records management option no matter the time or day or night, and it can be reviewed in a matter of seconds. So, if you need your files in the middle of the night, you can simply log on from your home, rather than having to physically locate the file at your office.

Something to add to your “green” credentials: Email and the Internet both played a large role in helping to reduce the amount of paper we consume. So too will a Business Document Scanning program. No longer will multiple copies need to be made as a file backup solution. Plus, it will help keep our already packed landfills free of paper waste. With less paper being consumed, fewer trees will be used, which also plays a role in helping to keep our air cleaner.

Business Document Scanning ensures that everything needing to be retained is available with just a simple click of the mouse. Retention periods are automatically monitored, so once a file has reached the end of its “shelf life,” the information gets deleted from the system.

Here are 4 key benefits of outsourcing your Business Document Scanning:

Allows Employees to Remain Focused

Setting up a centralized document imaging area can be very distracting, often taking away from work productivity. Just as the printing station turns into a gathering spot for socializing about upcoming weekend plans, so does situating a scanning machine in your office. Even though your staff may have great intentions to take on the additional responsibilities as required, scanning is a time-consuming process and the scanners themselves require maintenance and software upgrades which can take workers away from completing more important tasks. Outsourcing your document scanning will eliminate the need for employees to manage scanning machines on their own. Additionally, most companies are doing more with less, which means the demands on employees are at an all-time high. By outsourcing your scanning, your team can stay focused on their core job requirements and thereby increase productivity.

Technology can be very expensive

Even companies that have a highly technical staff on hand, wind up dealing with the cost of maintenance and repairs. High performance scanners can be expensive machines to purchase and operate long-term, and therefore many companies don’t have the funds to do their own scanning. When you make the decision to outsource your scanning needs, you free up your storage and eliminate added costs involved with maintenance. A Document scanning company uses the latest scanners designed with state-of-the-art technology, to achieve accuracy, speed, efficiency levels that few independent businesses can accomplish on their own.

Large Format Scanning

For the most part, a typical office scanner is built for standard U.S letter dimensions. This limitation can cause frustration for industries such as law firms and construction companies who deal with a variety of paper sizes. The reality is, it’s challenging to locate a scanner that’s designed for large format and it may not be affordable for some businesses. Outsourcing document scanning will save your company money, as you won’t be faced with the costly fees involved with scanning large-size documents or blueprints.

Secure Document Destruction Offered by Most Scanning Companies

We Scan Files and Blake Crenshaw provide Business Document scanning services, also offer additional document management solutions, such as document destruction. Why not benefit from the convenience of document scanning, document storage, and document destruction available to you at one location? When you outsource your document destruction, you gain peace of mind in knowing your private information is secure.


Digitization of business documents is a modern form of archiving your business documents, does not take up storage space in the physical sense, and does not require a complicated manual search through the archives looking for a particular document. Since most of the business continues to create documentation in paper form, the first step to increase business efficiency and faster flow of information in modern business is digitizing (scanning) of business documents. Scanning documents is performed with the most sophisticated devices (scanners) with superior technological capabilities. You can scan all sizes of business documents, black & white or color, simplex or duplex, in all major formats such as JPG, TIFF, and PDF. After the electronic indexing, the original business documentation returns to the client in its original condition.

Providing Business Document Scanning in Dallas and Surrounding areas.

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