The top three reasons that Digital Imaging for documents is growing by leaps and bounds is it saves time, money, and space.  However, those three leave out other essentials like catastrophe recovery, accuracy, indexing for cross referencing, multi-location usage by more than one user at a time, and the list goes on.  As the industry grows so does the list.  New uses for imaging are developed by customer needs daily.

The medical field has gone almost paperless with its expansive use of digital imaging.  Each patient generated more than 50 sheets of paper a visit and much more than that for an intensive follow up.  Important lab results, x-rays, scans, bloodwork, doctors and nurses notes, consults,,,, all of this amounted to many reams of paper and resulted in rooms full of files that had to be maintained and retained for years.  Now each patient takes up a small amount of digital space and records can easily be sent from one location to the next.  Patient results can be printed out along with pictures, charts, and follow up instructions.  What used to take 2-3 weeks can now be in the patients hands in a few minutes.

Real Estate offices have also found the miracle of digital imaging.  Think of the files that accumulate on each piece of property.  Contracts, land plats, offers, etc. all generate reams of paper which have to be filed and retained for years.  Imaging these files and indexing them so that they can be referenced quickly and easily has accelerated the sales process as well as insured accuracy for title and deed filing at the courthouses.

Lawyers are finding that document imaging makes their lives so much easier.  Everything from disclosure to discovery to filing is now astoundingly simpler and more accurate.  From the courtroom to the business office document imaging is saving them time and money.  It is relieving a great amount of frustration by providing everything they need for a client by a single indexed search and rendering clear images of detailed documents or graphics. They also have detailed records of who had which document when and what changes were made during possession of the document.  This alone gives a valid tracking system that is often needed in litigation.

Everybody from large corporate business to small business is finding that document imaging is making their life simpler, more economical, and safer.  Paying square footage rent of over $20/sf for massive filing cabinets is a total waste and even worse is paying an employee for a scavenger hunt for a document that may take weeks to find.  Corporate America is trimming a lot of fat by going with companies like WeScanFiles to set up document imaging and storing.  A reliable company like Wescanfiles can come in, assess your need, and offer a solution that will have you saving money, time and frustration, and leave you smiling all the way to the bank.

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