document management solution in Dallas

Here at We Scan Files, we recognize that managing your documents is often no small task and for many companies and individuals with a lifetime of hard data there’s the constant worry of security. If you come to us for an inclusive document management services in Houston and Dallas will your documents be safe during transportation, how will they be cared for, how can you be certain they will be returned to you in the same condition or destroyed of correctly? So many questions! The security and safety of your documents are our highest priority. We do this by first understanding how you plan to view and use your documents once they’ve been scanned and work with you to ensure your transition into a paperless world is truly seamless. Read on to find out just how and what we do to ensure our client’s documents are electronically accessible from anywhere in the world through the use of clear and secure data storage as well as software and scanning techniques to make sure your documents are the highest possible quality for their new life in the digital world.

When Your Documents Come To Us?

Once we’ve spoken to you and have an actionable plan in place for your documents, we’ll prep them for scanning. All black and white pages – for things like files, faxes, contracts are scanned once and then checked by quality control. If you need files converted due to their media format or the documents in question are very old they may need to be put into a word processing format to produce a high-resolution image. We also have capture, image and color scanning for film or other media you want to digitize. The indexing phase is where are staff really hone into what matters to you on initial assessment to ensure that your documents are searchable to your specifications. We deliver the best scanning services in Houston, you can contact us anytime.

Digital Document Solutions

document management solution Dallas

It’s important that once your documents are scanned you have access to them in a format that really works with you rather than something default that comes with your documents being converted. If your business has its own e-reader software, intranet or digital file storage system you want your scanned documents to be added to or whether you’re new to the world of digital solutions we’re on hand to assist. We currently offer our own document management solution in Dallas with Data Fiche EDM software built-in to your new document system to give you the power to meet your needs, whether your company needs a document trail for audits or you need to be able to import files to presentations, bookkeeping or just view your documents when you’re away from home. 

Personalized Service

We try to personalize our document management solution in Dallas however and whenever we can. All businesses are different and this is why we now offer industry-specific support for areas such as legal, accountancy and medical – we’ve come to realize these sectors have some of the highest needs when it comes to digitizing documents quickly and professionally, whatever your business or personal need. Call us on (214) 519-9637 and we’ll provide you with the best solution of cloud storage services in Houston.

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