Document Scanning Dallas and Creating a Document Workflow

Once, the digitization initiative is determined to support the organization’s vision and strategic objectives, a Document Flow should be devised and demonstrating. The Document Flow will determine visually, how the project will best obtain the strategic objectives of the overall business plan. It is very important to utilize the expertise of the scanning project manager during this part of the project.  The scanning project manager should be available for meetings and assist in determining software and hardware needs, as well as ongoing expenses to maintain the continuance of the organized files. can implement systms and protocols for Document Workflow
. Some questions to consider in creating a Document Flow:
  • Is the business focus on productivity? The document flow should show how digitization will simplify your business processes and reduce costs.
  • Is the business focus on improving service? The Document Flow needs to demonstrate how digitization will allow your organization to better meet the needs of its clients and partners.
  • Are governance concerns a major business priority? Then the Document Flow should show how digitization will improve the management and retention of business critical documentation and improve accuracy and data integrity
Knowingly, each company has different goals, and organizational needs. Therefore, more questions may need to be considered in the Document Flow. If there are other questions to add, remember to address them in the Document Flow determination. Mapping out the Document Flow:
  • Understand what works well in the current document process
  • Identify common usage patterns across business document processes
  • List what needs to be accomplished in the Document Flow
  • Understand where the challenges and areas of inefficiency lie and the areas where there is opportunities for improvement.
Once this is done, a flowchart listing responsibilities, software and hardware can be established.  A determination of the indexing and organization for each department, or the company as a whole, can be organized.  Inventory of the documents that need to be archived should also be determined.  If you have just a few boxes, this will not take long, but some companies may have hundreds of boxes.  In this situation, inventory of the scanning and archive is a must. Doing the upfront meetings and organization will assist not only the scanning company project manager to meet the goals properly,  but also the company contact that will ensure these goals are met. It is a team effort to get this change accomplished as efficiently as possible. Perceiving the Value of the document management solution will be noticed in time of work flow, space in the office, and less frustration of employees and clients.  Once the best software, hardware and business process has been determined, the scanning company will begin the organization and archiving of the hard-copy files that are stored in the office area.  Archiving and day forward can be accomplished simultaneously if the project is managed in an orderly way. As the project and training are completed, the implementation of the workflow and business process management technologies will be put into practice. A recognition of improved production management, performance and ability to monitor work flow should be an achievable value. All of which offer real hard-dollar savings over tasks that are largely manual in paper-intensive environments as they  look  to get the most value from their investment. If You are looking to implement Workflow solutions give a call or click the links below….

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