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Providing Document Scanning Solutions in Fort Worth and Surrounding areas is what does. Ready to get started on your paperless transition? Contact Blake Crenshaw at to pick up your documents and complete the entire process at our scanning facility. Whether you call it scanning, or electronic imaging or document imaging it is the technologies that enable users to scan hard copy documents into a computer system and store them in digital format. These technologies enable users to index or enter “metadata” into the system and always utilize some form of storage technology to save the digital version of the document.

Do you have a ton of digital documents that need cleaned, organized or made text searchable? O.C.R (optical character recognition) text orientation, blank page removal, file compression and image correction are just a few of the services we can provide for your current digital images or during your document scanning project.

What is O.C.R. and how accurate is it? O.C.R. stands for optical character recognition. This is the process that makes your new digital file text searchable. Trying to find a single line of information in a file that contains hundreds of pages can be time consuming and difficult. With O.C.R., your documents can be instantly searched for any key phrase you want. Accuracy for a clean printed digital image is almost 100%. Original documents that are hard to read, poorly printed, hand written and smudged, for example, can hinder the O.C.R. pro

What Document scanning Fort Worth by Provides?

Document Scanning in Fort Worth by provides their clients with a wide array of document scanning services to meet their growing business needs. When the documents are more sensitive in nature, they have a dedicated team that specializes in on-site scanning projects. Additionally, they have a fully operational scanning facility, which allows us to pick up, digitize and even destroy the paper files. Going paperless with the Document Scanning Guys is quick, easy and painless.

We Scan Files has an App to Access Customer Tools, Training and Information. You can visit the website at to download yours today.

Why choose them?

  • Document Security and Confidentiality – Document Scanning Fort Worth

As a document scanning provider, WeScanFiles know your documents are the power behind your business, and they treat them as such. They take their time to ensure your documents safety and security. Their facility is monitored by an active security system, your documents are limited to the staff dedicated to your project and all digital images are kept secure and backed-up on our private computer network.

  • Staff and Equipment – Document Scanning Fort Worth

Their work is completed entirely by their in-house staff. Nothing is off-shored or farmed out overseas. Their staff is handpicked by the management, put through background checks and constantly trained on document confidentiality and HIPAA compliance. Additionally, they employ high quality scanning equipment to help prevent damage to your documents during the document scanning process. Once digital, your documents are maintained on secure and reliable computer equipment, which is monitored daily by their in-house I.T. staff.

  • Business and Client Protection – Document scanning Fort Worth

Their business is fully insured, not just for our protection but for our clients as well. Their company has maintained a perfect record of protecting their clients’ data and documents since the day we opened our doors. Our owners take an active part in the day to day operations and oversee every document scanning project we complete. Their goal is 100% client satisfaction. Document Scanning in Fort Worth imaging process includes three phase quality assurance auditing. All images are manually checked for orientation so that 100% of the files we deliver to the customer are oriented correctly. This process of checking for proper orientation allows them to check all the images against their quality guidelines.

Document Scanning in Fort Worth goes through a digital image enhancement process. After the enhancement processing the images are again checked for optimal quality. Their “dual entry” indexing method minimizes error by verifying results against each other. This allows them to have assurance that the information pulled from the document is correct.

Online Storage

If your internal network is close to maximum bandwidth use, or you need to allow remote access to documents, consider our online storage. They use SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption for electronic document retrieval, the most secure form of encryption available. SSL allows them to safeguard your data from outsiders with malicious intent and our user-level security system assures that members from your organization can only see the documents that they are authorized to see.

This is what their client have to say;

Frankly, I was nervous about a solution to going paperless. But your excellent service and product has made me a believer! We are no longer spending many countless hours filing and have all our documents at our fingertips. I have truly enjoyed working with Blake Crenshaw who has always gone the extra mile for me! Thank you! If you are looking for document scanning services in Fort Worth, Texas, then you can contact We Scan Files.

You can learn more about Document scanning ft worth by contacting Blake Crenshaw at

We Scan Files is always committed to excellence and also part of his approach is support services. Blake is dedicated to build an end-to-end solution that fits your business needs.

Providing Document Scanning Solutions in FT Worth and Surrounding Areas

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