Document Scanning Return On Investment (ROI)

Your business can have a realize many benefits by Investing in Document Scanning Services. Documents can be scanned in Mass quantities both onsite at your place of business as well as in the facility, at speeds of up to 500,000 documents a day.

Are You maximizing your Office Space?

Storing documents such as invoices, receipts, letters, articles, POs, drawings and more requires a significant and ever-expanding amount of storage space. Documents such as these can be scanned in bulk.

As a guide, you can potentially store three filing cabinets’ worth of data on one comparatively tiny CD-Rom. Imagine the money and space this could save you. Depending on the size of your company, this can easily translate to thousands of pounds of savings.

Slash administration costs

Studies suggest the average office worker can spend up to three-quarters of an hour looking for lost, misplaced or badly filed documents. Using document scanning and document management software can dramatically reduce this as documents will be accessible at the click of a mouse.

Estimates suggest that a department of 10 members of staff could save around £1,250 per month. It’s easy to see how these savings can really add up and make a persuasive business case.

Manage risk

It is essential for businesses to have continuity plans in place in case anything should go wrong. Potential catastrophes include:

  • Flood
  • Fire
  • Terrorism
  • Other disasters

Using document scanning and software is the most fail-safe way of backing up documents. They can not be destroyed unlike paper-based files. Some businesses have lost all their paper files as a result of such a disaster and seen their business go under permanently as a result.

Quality control

Choosing a reputable document scanning contractor will mean that you can rest assured that all documents are scanned to the highest quality standards, following the appropriate British Standards such as BS DISC PD0008.

Any good scanning contractor will be able to provide details of their security procedures as well as case studies of other clients they have successfully worked for.

Tailored service

The scanning service can be tailored to fit the needs of your business. Professional staff can collect documents from your business premises and scan them off-site. Alternatively, they can be scanned on-site if you prefer it. After scanning, your documents can be destroyed securely and you’ll be presented with the appropriate certificate.

Here are some other services to check:


Staff can also help you stack, sort and pack documents if necessary.

Data Capture Solutions is a UK company providing document scanning and document management systems to global business. Their document scanning services include bulk document scanning, forms capture, data conversion and data entry services, as well as invoice scanning and processing, workflow, email archiving, mailroom services, and postroom services.

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