Document Scanning and Tax Records

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Scanned electronic documents are preserved forever. As paper deteriorates with time CD /DVD are rated to preserve data for 100′s of years. also offers cloud storage which is secure, unlimited and will not deteriorate.

  • Scanned electronic documents save space and money – as physical paper documents takes space and space costs money – up to 15,000 images (equivalent of a 4-drawer filing cabinet) can fit on a single CD.
  • Scanning documents can offer a more secure storage solution – Cloud or password storage can be designed so that limited access is given within the company.
  • Reduce administrative time in searching documents – electronic documents can be retrieved with a click of a mouse and negligible time is spent on searching or retrieving records.
  • Electronic documents are easy to transmit via email or fax at the click of a button
  • Electronic documents are portable – They can be stored on an external drive or CD and can be carried with you.
  • Multiple simultaneous accesses – More than one person can view a document at a time. The electronic files can be store and hosted on a server and can be accessed securely by using the internet.
  • Scanning protects valuable data for small businesses to large corporations

– Traditional backup methods are not only expensive, they are often difficult and time consuming to manage. Scanned documents are easily recoverable by storing data at multiple physical locations. provides high volume document scanning for finance and accounting. We offer years of experience in archiving documents for CPA’s, Bookkeepers, Accountants, and other businesses. We provide invoice scanning and tax records scanning services. Document scanning is the quickest and most effective way to archive these important paper documents. We can take stacks of storage boxes or filing cabinets full of finance and accounting records and turn them into an easy readable and searchable electronic file. Our finance and accounting records scanning process is secure; we also provide on-site scanning when needed as an extra security measure during the scanning process. offers cloud storage which can provide a permanently secure storage process for all of your private financial documents. Accessibility can be very limited and lose of document is no longer a concern specializes in document scanning and imaging services, including Full text OCR for healthcare, financial and legal industries. Check out all of our services at