Document Scanning with WeScanFiles.com

Document Scanning Services and Document Management tools help business streamline their paper flow and allow their information to work for them. WeScanFiles brings technology to our clients by implemented the most current capture techniques couple with intuitive deliveries. From Medical Records Tecnologies to Accounting and Engineering, WeScanFiles.com implements custom solution in each case. If you need us at your place of business, then that’s great! WeScanFiles.com speacializes in on-site document solution services.

WeScanFiles.com has worked with Datafiche, Optiview AND Docuware Document Platforms. And works with many capture and imaging and indexing solutions.


Document Imaging is a major part of litigation. Before document imaging paralegals had to do their discovery by hand. Document imaging and OCR technology allows for the searching of NUMEROUS documents simultaneously. Using paralegals to search THOUSANDS OF documents by hand would take hours; where as a digital document system can search the same amount in seconds. Why create paper copies AND distribute them to all parties involved while incurring that time and significant expense when you distribute DIGITALLY OR ON a CD or electronically. In addition, wescanfiles.com can Bates number or Bates stamp your documents digitally for quick and accurate digital exhibits.


Medical Records Scanning can help improve productivity and efficiency, as well assisting your organization meet requirements for records retention without having to rent storage facilities. WeScanFiles.com can help you store, centralize, distribute and manage medical images in a digital format within your organization and allow access to information remotely. Medical Records Scanning can provide instantaneous access to the most current, accurate images and information. Our medical record scanning solutions can be implemented with existing records management applications. We adhere to HIPAA regulations and maintain precautions to keep your records and information as secure as possible.

 Property Management

From Managed Communities to Municipalities and Group Fund Investment Companies. WeScanFiles.com can scan and implement custom upload and data migrations to any format.