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If you work in the storage industry, it is needless to say that it is one of the most heavily regulated. To follow the government guidelines, your company must store tons of documents that need to be physically scanned, stored, or destroyed. Even though nowadays, it is advisable to keep a digital backup of all your documents, there are certain types of documentation that are required to be stored physically. 

For All Your Document Storage Needs:

Contact on any major social media platform or simply go to our website and book an appointment to talk about a plan that best suits your requirements. Our offsite document storage services enable you to avail yourself the security that you desire to safeguard your sensitive information in a systematic order. Now, the first process before you choose our document storage services, you may also require someone to scan your documents., as the name suggests, specializes in document scanning services in Dallas, TX, by helping you convert your physical documents to digital records. 

Now, you need to know the list of things to consider when your company needs to store physical documentation offsite, and here they are:


You need a document storage company that not only stores your documents but also picks them up in their trucks for you. Although the idea of loading your employee’s car with piles of documents may seem enticing, the documents can be spared road bumps and high-speed winds by carrying them in an enclosed truck.

Inventory Management:

Whichever company you choose for your documentation, needs to have a good inventory management system. A good inventory management system consists of barcoding with the help of tracking software. The details regarding each box can be stored, labeled, and also retrieved with ease. 

On-Demand Scanning:

If you require urgent service and delivery of your required task, choose a company that offers on-demand scanning services. Due to their extensive experience, such companies find a way to convert your document to .pdf and then deliver it to you via email in no more than a few minutes. Contact us to know about document scanning service prices.

Online Access:

Cloud-based online access to your documentation will permit efficient reporting, printing, and pick-up schedule.

Secure Shredding:

We also offer document shredding services for whenever you need to securely shred or destroy documents that you do not need anymore.

Quick Delivery:

In case you require delivery of your inventory within the same day, you will need to choose a company that offers quick delivery. Most likely, they will have an afternoon cut-off so if you order by, say, five o’clock and expect same-day delivery, you won’t get your documentation until the next morning.

Room With A View:

The company you end up opting for must have a comfortable and well-maintained seating area where you can retrieve as well as review the required documents in peace. This feature may not seem as important to you right now but you definitely won’t like sitting on the cement floor in a warehouse in the hot Texas summer thinking to yourself why you did not pay attention to the absence of a waiting area.

If and when you require maintenance or physical document management in Dallas, contact We Scan Files!

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