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All areas of this country are susceptible to natural disasters. Fires and earthquakes plague the west coast, the Midwest deals with tornadoes throughout the spring and summer months, and the east and gulf coasts are very familiar with hurricanes. We should not live our lives in fear of these disasters. However, in the wake of hurricane Sandy, many people are thinking about their own disaster preparedness. According to the Insurance Information Institute, up to 40% of businesses affected by a natural disaster never reopen. Is your business prepared to survive a disaster? Being prepared can help to ensure the success of your business even after a devastating disaster. If you are looking for document scanning services in Fort Worth, Texas, then you can contact We Scan Files.

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Lost or delayed sales, income and new business; increased expenses; contractual issues; and customer dissatisfaction are all real concerns in the midst of a tragedy. These risks can seem even larger if you rely on paper documents for the day-to-day operation of your business. Planning ahead for document management will help to ensure that your business can function soon after the crisis calms.

Companies like specialize in converting paper documents into electronic files. The company’s founder, Blake Crenshaw, knows the importance of document management and disaster preparation. By converting your paper documents into electronic files, you are creating a backup system. WeScanFiles implements Datafiche document imaging system makes this process virtually painless for you and your employees. They will take care of everything, from document imaging, to disposal, to electronic document storage. The new data files can be stored on-site, but it is also a good idea to have a backup copy stored offsite. With today’s cloud technology, your files can be stored offsite for a very low cost. You can then access these files from any location that has internet access, which comes in handy if you cannot work from the office. Having a backup of your company’s vital documents somewhere offsite helps to ensure that your livelihood is not tied to a building in harm’s way. 

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