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Empty Out Grandma’s Shoe Box

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What do you give the person who you feel already has everything they could ever want? We know Granny has a shoe box (or 20) tucked away somewhere full of precious heirloom photos and home movies she loves to look at from time to time. So long as they’re exposed to the elements they are at risk of deterioration. Why not give your loved ones the gift of freed space, a cleaner home, and memories that will be preserved for generations to come?

Making Analog Memories Digital

We’ll convert almost any analog format to a digital format. VHS tapes, audio cassettes, film reels, photographs, slides, and negatives. If you have questions about specific formats not listed, please contact us.

Mom’s Scrapbook

Mom didn’t spend all the time scrapbooking for it to just lay in an attic collecting dust. Send us her carefully constructed pages and we’ll convert it into a file she’ll be able to pull up any time she pleases on her phone or tablet and then share copies with family members to treasure for a lifetime.

Memories for Everyone

Have vintage books, newspapers, magazine, or catalogues you want to save and share forever? Or artworks and paintings? We can take care of those for you as well.

Make Your Memories Look Good As New

Another service we offer along with digital preservation, is photo restoration. So long as the photo is not deemed beyond repair, with some tender love and care, we make sure the images of your past look as fresh as the memories of your yesterdays.


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