Data security has always been the biggest concern of cloud data storage services. As a result, many organisations still hesitate to run the business over virtual infrastructure. As far as these insecurities are justified, it is better to strengthen your cloud security with protection against cyberattacks by hiring an expert for document storage such as, offering the best cloud storage in Houston, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Seven Best Cloud Security Practices

With more options available in the market, the risks of cyber attacks have also increased. It has become essential to become aware of the best cloud security practices and hire our professional cloud storage providers in Houston, TX, to secure your data and have smoother operations.

Stay secure with these best practices given below.

Know What Cloud Service You Need

The first step towards cloud security is identifying the needs of your business. You must know the infrastructure, IT sine qua non, software, marketing model, and other applications to choose among public, private, and hybrid cloud models. You can also pick the computing service model among the following:

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model: It is based on core compatibility and business logic so that you can use online apps through a browser. At the same time, the cloud vendor will manage the application, runtime, and infrastructure.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model: In this model, you can run your platform over the cloud server rented from a vendor. All your applications can run smoothly on this server.
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) model: It resembles a serverless architecture model where you use a third-party infrastructure and run your applications on the platform.
  • Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) model: You don’t have to worry about infrastructure as it is managed by a third-party vendor, following the serverless architecture model. You can also ask your operator to scale up or down your applications whenever required.

Choose A Reputed Cloud Provider

To ensure the safety of your data and infrastructure, you should choose a reputable and reliable vendor for cloud security services. Always try to hire a trustworthy name in the industry with experience in security and data management. It is good to follow up on the work profile of the vendor and look for the following key points:

  • Security Breaches: Before hiring any cloud service provider, look for its history of security breaches and Denial-of-Service (DOS) attacks. Google search can provide brief information on this and how the vendor tackled the attack. Do more research or ask for an expert recommendation on security practices.
  • Add-On Security Features: You can also ask your provider for the particular and essential add-ons you might need with your business.
  • Agreements And Data Policies: For dealing with sensitive data, the vendor must follow some Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for security responsibility, and you should properly understand them.
  • Server Compliance: Various servers have specific requirements related to security configurations and particular business infrastructures. However, having one cloud host and a joint infrastructure is better.

Training The Staff

Every business relies essentially on its human resource. Therefore, in this ever-evolving technological industry, it is always better to train and acquire your staff with the advancements in cloud security and infrastructure.

Organisations which fail to provide employees with this requisite cloud training are prone to malicious activities in the cloud environment. As a result, the optimum use of cloud security features remains unknown, which leads to cyberattacks. As a business owner, your prime duty is to empower data security by training core human assets.

Ask Security Questions To Your Cloud Provider

While trusting some outsiders with your data, it is only natural to ask for all the requisite details about security measures and policies to be implemented. Do not assume all vendors work with the same core logic, ask several providers for the security methods, and then compare to find the best solutions for your business. Incase you need Scanning Services in Houston, visit the website. Some essential questions you must ask:

  • What is the geographic location of the vendor’s servers?
  • What is the protocol for security breaches?
  • What subjects are covered in technical support from the vendor?
  • What are the data encryption methods?
  • What are the supported authentication methods?
  • What are compliance requirements supported?
  • What level of access does the provider have to sensitive host data?
  • What is the security score from penetration tests?

Access And Identity Management

Unauthorized access is one of the biggest threats to public cloud services. While hackers are growing smart, minimize the increasing chances of data theft with high-quality identity and access management (IAM). Our experts recommend following the access policies with the principle of least privilege based on role-based permissions for all authorized personnel.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) can also be beneficial in the case of password-protected data and hybrid environments. For easy operations, hybrid IAM solutions can be your best option based on private or public cloud deployments.

Vulnerability Audit And Testing

To stay in control and monitor the data transits on the cloud in real-time, you must monitor user activity and set alerts for data visibility on your cloud infrastructure. Make sure that all the vulnerability and incident response tools are properly implemented, and the reports should be audited regularly as part of the SDLC process.

Identifying the system loopholes with an automated security solution can strengthen the overall cloud security and minimize accidents.

Keep Security Logs

To strengthen cloud security, you should enable security logging features that keep a track record of the changes made at all times with a history. It is impossible to track these changes manually, so the automated records make it easier to follow up on the source of activity and identify threats.

Keeping the administrator permissions to a minimum and limiting access with security logs are essential to keep the misconfigurations at bay.


The cloud environment is internet-driven. Therefore, to keep your data safe, you need stringent cloud security practices. Stay ahead of online hackers and cyber threats by exploiting computing technology with us. For professional cloud storage services in Houston, contact at (214) 519-9637 or drop us an email. We are a certified document scanning company with all modern cloud solutions.

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