blog is excited to announce a Collaboration with Novodynamics and specifically its product NovoImage+. is currently working with two Texas municipalities and several managed communities in their document scanning needs. Collaboration with Novodynamics comes to play in  the massive number of images that require manged and modeled enhancing. Mission Critical data in scanned documents can be damaged, skewed or degraded; making it challenging for even the best recognition applications to accurately convert these digital images into usable text. The solution has chosen for this is NovoImage+.
NovoImage+ will deliver  : Superior Accuracy: Cleaner images produce cleaner data. A device-agnostic solution, NovoImage+ can apply the same rigorous standards to images captured by a wide variety of peripherals. Users can adjust default settings to optimize output for different image sources and document types. Novo Image+ produces cleaner images yielding greater accuracy and accelerated workflow. Fewer false positives result during data verification, which reduces the need for human intervention to correct errors. Automated file and batch processing allows workers to be assigned to other tasks. NovoImage+ also increases the accuracy of optical character recognition (OCR). Have You tried pulling documents into Microsoft Word, only to waste another half hour correcting all the mistakes, this can be a real cost savings. Your staff will also find that NovoImage+ improves the accuracy of scans, resulting in less time spent going over every single scan that comes through. NovoImage+ automatically cleans up the quality of scanned documents, reducing the number of required re-scans and thereby improving efficiency. This automates n otherwise laborious and labor filled task. But making the process more efficient, you may be able to reduce your scanning workers to part-time, freeing them up for other tasks. can set the scanners to capture the images quickly and then migrate the images into a source file that has a pre defined image to enhance to. NovoImage+ then migrates the enhanced images into a destination folder ready for delivery. NovoImage+ will boost productivity and create a higher standard of deliverable to our end users and clients. is looking forward to reporting to you the results of the colaboartion very soon.

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