Providing Wide Format Document Scanning in Dallas and Surrounding Areas

WeScanFiles provides professional large format scanning services from our North Texas bureau. Scanning their large format drawing and plans can play an important part in ensuring plans and drawings are secure and available over the long term and accessible at the lowest possible cost.

Wide format document scanning and the digitization of large documents is one of the most used services these days by the likes of architects and local authorities and with good reason.

Even the largest and most successful businesses in the world are finding that they need to save as much space as possible as well as bringing in the need for resources as much as is physically possible. Scaling back has become a familiar thing for so many businesses but when you have a lot of large documentation or large format drawings, plans or blueprints this can be a difficult task.

More often than not these types of wide format files are either kept rolled in hard cardboard tubes or are left in a particular room unrolled where they take even more room than the cardboard tubes do. Cardboard tubes help to reduce the amount of space that can be taken by large format documents but they are still heavily bulky things that take a lot of room especially if you have a large quantity of larger wide format images.

The best way to reduce the amount of space taken by these drawings is to simply get rid of them altogether but, as with most things, it’s not as simple as that. This is where wide format scanning comes in.

Much like traditional document scanning, wide format document scanning is a way to make digital versions of physical files but in this case on a much larger scale. Obviously you can do a large format drawing on a standard office scanner and they are more often than not done on a specialist large format scanner by a professional company.

But in doing this you can gain room that you might never have even realized you had. If your organization is thinking of downsizing this can make a huge difference or even if you’re just looking at giving your team some much needed space, wide format document scanning is the ideal solution. This can have untold impacts on people’s morale as well as the potential to use the new found room however you wish.

With wide format document scanning files can be converted to numerous file formats of your choice whether this is PDF, TIFF or JPEG plus it’s also possible, thanks to modern software innovation, to then convert the scanned files to fully editable CAD files which can be modified and used again and again.

With wide format document scanning you’re not just getting a way to save space and reduce your paper usage it also makes for a more flexible way of handling your documents. As with most PDF, JPEG or TIFF files, you can do pretty much anything you wish with them; modify them, email them, and put them online to download and virtually anything else you can think of. This is the true beauty of digitization.

Once the wide format document scanning is completed you can then dispose of the large files either by sending them for secure shredding or to recycle. Usually the document scanning company that handles the conversion of you documents will be able to help out with these needs.

It might be surprising to realize that wide format document scanning is also something that doesn’t cost a great deal. Most companies are in a position where they can process files quicker so that prices come down.

Benefits of Wide Format Document Scanning

  • Converting your paper into electronic format has many benefits. Productivity increases as your documents are readily available from a PC. No more searching through file cabinets, file rooms, or warehouses. Your documents are literally at your fingertips.
  • Converting to electronic storage reduces lost files and misfiled documents. It allows you to save valuable storage space.
  • Sharing electronic documents is effortless across your company’s network, intranet, or the internet. Multiple users can access the same documents simultaneously through e-mail and fax. You save copying costs and time.
  • Scanning preserves documents that would otherwise deteriorate on paper. It reduces handling of fragile paper. CD’s provide safe, secure storage of your documents. CD copies make effective offsite backups and archival storage of vital records. Files become portable for home office and business travel.
  • Wide format scan system is designed for scalable tailoring to adapt to your changing needs
  • Variable speed capabilities accelerate your workflow while reducing your time at the scanner
  • Concurrent scan and print functions increase productivity to save hours over the life of your project
  • More compact than most wide format scanners – choose either a tabletop mounting or a floor stand with casters
  • Workflow solutions help you connect with your customers and boost productivity

Who Needs Wide Format Scanning?

Numerous industries make use of oversized documents that are too large to fit into standard- sized scanners. Architectural, engineering and building firms for example, regularly design blueprints, plans and drawings. Advertising companies, government agencies, the military, pharmaceutical companies and public utilities are some of the many other establishments that work with large documents on a constant basis.

Blake Crenshaw at is always commitment to excellence is also part of his approach is support services. He is also dedicated to build an end-to-end solution that fits your applications, work processes, and business needs.

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