World Paper Free Day and

Mobile Access Will Determine The Life or Death of Your Organization Mobile communications were invented decades before Motorola released a luxury consumer-targeted mobile phone in 1983.  It took decades still, for the technology to become reliable, and reasonably priced, so that an “average person” could own a mobile phone. Just to talk.  No texting. No Internet access. No GPS.   No remote desktop capabilities while traveling.   Just “Hello?” — which was usually followed by deafening static, and very few decipherable conversations. The 1983 price for this experience was a mere $3,995. It is no wonder that businesses, government offices, and professional associations, who traditionally relied on paper filing systems, hesitate to adopt new technologies, if they think the endeavor will turn out like a 1983 mobile phone conversation:  expensive and unsatisfying. Now, however, mobile devices outnumber humans on the planet.  And as of 2014, more people will access the Internet via mobile devices than desktop computers. What does the expectation of on-demand data in the palm of consumers and off-site employees’ hands mean?  What’s the bottom line? Simply put, if your organization cannot deliver this functionality it won’t survive. How does a business even start “digitization”? The process of converting paper into usable data, retrievable anywhere on the planet with mobile technology and Internet access, can seem daunting. That’s why it is imperative to partner with a document management services company which is incredibly tech-savvy (particularly skilled in the remote access arena), yet also provides easy explanation of the process, step by step, and then walks your staff through the operational changes, so that the “new” soon becomes “old hat.” Your data is your most valuable asset.  Your document management services company needs to be entirely trustworthy, and willing to guard your data as if it were it’s own.  Sometimes that means on-site document scanning to ensure document security. offers this level of service and commitment throughout the greater DFW / Northern TX region. Document Scanning DFW services and Document Scanning Dallas Services. Since our company name is, we trust that you understand we can, indeed, scan files.  But we offer so much more:
  • Scalable services to meet client expectations and achieve objectives.
  • Document scanning and imaging
  • Document restoration
  • Wide format scanning
Access to mobile data affords people the luxury of integrating business with their personal lives to find balance and flexibility in a hectic world.  Don’t you owe it to your customers, employees, and yourself? Visit us at and request a free project assessment.  Let’s work together to make sure remote access supports your organization’s culture and position in a very competitive marketplace. Please join us again tomorrow, for the conclusion of our World Paper Free Day story.  Come along.  Mobility and flexibility are wonderful things. For More information about World paper Free Day, Document Scanning DFW services, Document Scanning Dallas services, Wide Format Scanning services call (214) 519-9637 or look for us a and

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