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Why U.S. Businesses Cling to Paper, Despite Unprecedented Global Use of Mobile Devices

DALLAS / Ft. Worth, TX/  Nov. 4, 2014 /Associated Press/ —  

This year will likely be remembered as the historical tipping point in terms of global adoption of mobile technology, statistics-wise, but may not live up to its hype in the real world.

In 2014, for the first time, more people accessed the Internet from mobile devices (smart phones, tablets and laptops) than from desktops globally.  This indicates that “digitization” (turning paper into data) is now the norm, and mobility with full, secure data access, is the expectation.  In fact, an initiative started by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), a self described “independent professional association that looks at how information and content is managed in the workplace” has issued a challenge:  World Paper Free Day, Thursday, November 6, 2014.2  This Thursday AIIM is challenging people to go paper-free for 24 hours and participate in a donation campaign to the Arbor Day Foundation.

What does it mean to the average person that there are now more mobile devices than people on the planet?  (7.1 billion people; 7.2+ mobile devices)

If technology is being readily adopted, why are so many people reluctant to give up their “hard copy” files and paper-based organizational processes?  How are small business owners, municipalities, highly regulated industries, and those which typically keep off-site storage archives (such as in the legal and medical fields) supposed to know what to do with all that paper?

“Most people like the idea of paperless business, but don’t know where to start,” says document management and digitization veteran, Blake Crenshaw.  “Paper can seem overwhelming. It’s interesting.  We’ve noticed that our clients under the age of about fifty, wholeheartedly understand that making the move to Paper Free or Less Paper is actually much more secure for their business.  They understand that a building fire destroys their file room, while the off-site data remains undamaged.  Even if a business has all electronic systems in place currently, there is usually a paper jungle backlog somewhere that needs to be tamed.  It is usually a filing room, or in off-site storage facilities.”

While Crenshaw applauds the World Paper Free Day initiative, he is dubious of its having a measurable impact on how companies do business this year. “If We can educate people on how to process the paper documents, with Document Scanning, OR produce less paper through Forms Processing and digital filing, Then we have made a Difference”

“I respect the spirit of World Paper Free Day, and the pledge not to use any paper on November 6,” Crenshaw said. “What concerns me is November 7, 8, 9, and so on.  What businesses need is someone to walk them through the process, addressing concerns, and recognizing each organization will have unique requirements.  For example, some industries, such as health care, demand secure data that measures up to industry-specific regulatory and confidentiality requirements, yet still needs to be easily and remotely accessible, for things such as electronic medical records.”

The ubiquitous nature of mobile devices in business and personal lives will soon render file rooms, paper archives, and off-site storage, obsolete.  The global adoption of mobile-driven content and access requires even the smallest of businesses to provide this service to its customers, because it is now a marketplace expectation.

“If it’s a market expectation that we can order pizza for Monday Night Football, and check its progress via our smart phones, you can imagine how municipalities are under the gun,”  Crenshaw continued.  “Businesses tend to ‘see the light’ once they realize they gain significant time, money, and space through digitization.  Clients have File Room Makeovers and use the reclaimed space for an employee lounge, an extra conference room, or whatever they need.  Employees are thrilled to never have to look for a ‘misfiled’ (missing) paper file again!”

This year, in an effort to educate the public at large in simple terms, Crenshaw’s North Texas-based company,   is releasing a three-part informational campaign this week that he hopes will bring people some familiarity and comfort with the process.  Each animated episode is between 30 and 90 seconds, and demonstrates how past adoption of “revolutionary technologies” led to today, and further encourages organizations to take the Paper-Free Plunge.

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