Benefits and Pricing

Benefits and Pricing In Dallas-Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas

Benefits and Pricing


  • Search thousands of documents instantly instead of combing through drawers of paper
  • Reduce costs and decrease wasted space by ridding your business of costly file cabinets and storage units
  • Increased document retrieval times
  • Decreased misfiling documents
  • No more lost paperwork, simply do a search and your document will be found
  • Decreased print and mailing costs
  • Additional security for your documents by encryption or password protection
  • Create a more productive work environment, resulting in increased profitability
  • Help your carbon footprint by making your office more eco-friendly
  • Access your documents anywhere in the world within seconds
  • Digital off-site backups are cheap and inexpensive

Document Scanning Service Pricing:


Our regular document scanning service in Houston starts as low as 6.0¢ per page. This service includes, but is not limited to:

  • 8 1/2 X 11 OR 8 1/5 X 14 Single or doublesided paper
  • Scanning each paper (simplex or duplex)
  • Scanned to black and white TIFF or PDF files (single or multi-page)
  • Documents replaced (not rebound) into their original position
  • All scanning jobs have a minimum of 2,000 sheets for the above pricing

Document Litigation:

Document litigation is the process of preparing the paperwork to be imaged. This can include removing all staples, paperclips, tape, folds and etc. from the documents. This process must be completed before scanning can begin and starts as low as 1¢ per page. During this process our team of docuarchivers also determines what documents will need to be hand fed or scanned on flatbed scanners in order to obtain the highest quality of work.

Document Indexing:

Document indexing is the process of naming our documents once they have been scanned. This can be as simple as a single name per folder or you may need several aspects of the document captured for your naming convention. In addition, we can create a database of your documents according to the needs that best suit your company. The pricing for indexing varies on the number of indexes needed and the length of the field. Typically an average price is around 8¢ an index key.

Document Pickup and Delivery:

Your documents can be scheduled for pickup and delivery (if they are not being destroyed) for a set fee. This by the distance your organization is from our office and by the amount of documents we are picking up. Please contact our office for any questions or concerns about this service. All HIPPA related documents are sealed before they leave your facility and are not opened until they are inside the file preparation area at our office.

Your data can be delivered via cd/dvd, external hard drive, electronically, or automatically imported into the system of your choice of document management in Houston, TX.

Secure certified document destruction:

Price varies depending on volume of documents but the average starting price is around $8.00 per bankers box. This process happens within 14-30 days of data delivery allowing the client time to review all scanning work before the documents are destroyed. A certificate of destruction can be provided if desired.

What does digital document scanning cost with We Scan Files?