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Document Scanning Dallas

What is document scanning???

It is the process of converting paper documents into usable and efficient digital copies. The typical paper document creates a wall stacked with lost profit and productivity. In addition they are difficult to manage, maintain, and next to impossible to keep organized. Converting these documents into digital format can solve a number of business problems and the digital documents can easily be integrated into your offices day to day routine.

What is digital document scanning with We Scan Files?

High Volume Scanning Services

We specialize in high volume and onsite scanning services from the smallest to the largest companies. Our organization can provide you with solutions that will take you from buried in documents, to a paperless environment that can save your business time and money. Whether its business continuity and document management solutions, or simply archiving a couple boxes of paper, has a solution for you.

Increase Productivity

Every imaging solution is unique to the client being served. Some companies can be ultra productive with just one or two searchable index keys. Others require ten unique index keys captured, as well as to full page Optical Character Recognition added to their searchable indexes.

Convert to Digital

Scanning is an accurate and cost effective way to archive paper documents. Any business can benefit from converting filed paper to disc. All types of documents can be scanned to an electronic image.

Document Life Cycle: Collection, Transformation, and Delivery

Document Scanning Dallas

Collecting data and documents from the source.’s products and services simplify the capture and collection of information.

Transforming data and documents into information. our focus is on providing access to business critical information, regardless of the media type (Paper, Office Files, Faxes, etc). Our solutions and services offer a customizable platform for extracting and indexing information so you can find it when you need it.

Delivering information into your business systems. The true value of Document management is not only in the delivery of information to a content management system for improved search and retrieval, but also in the ability to improve core business activities by delivering information to line-of-business applications, improving labor intensive workflow processes and greatly reducing the need for manual data entry or verification.

Find any file, anytime, anywhere in the world you have internet access!

Document Scanning Dallas

To be competitive in today’s markets, businesses need efficient document management processes that capture, archive, search and retrieve information. When mission critical information is trapped inside folders and buried in file cabinets and boxes, productivity, and performance and profits are negatively impacted. Utilizing our services, businesses can quickly access digital information to reduce operating costs and increase profits.

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

Document Scanning can provide you with various types of document storage. From delivering your data on portable hard drives or other portable media to a complete document management appliance (DMA). Our appliances put your digital documents at your finger tips which allow your file searches to be seconds, saving your company valuable production time. Some appliances even allow you secure access your documents from anywhere in the world with just an internet connection.  We scan files has years of experience with Document Scanning Dallas and surrounding areas!

Our file preparation is unlike any other. We understand the importance of quality, confidentiality, and security.

  • Security:

Scanned onsite or in our production facility we have strict confidentiality and security policies that comply with regulations, such as hippa

  • Cost: offers a premium service at a reasonable price. We make it possible for our customers to scan and store files typically for cheaper than the cost of a copy

  • Trust:

You will be assigned a project coordinator prior to the start of your scan job. They will keep you updated as to the status of your project on a regular basis

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Dallas’s trusted source for records scanning and document imaging. We offer document scanning, microfilm conversion, and online storage solutions.

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