Document Scanning Service Price and Costs

The document scanning serving price are based on several factors including: volume, preparation work required, and indexing required. To get a custom quote for your project just fill out the form to the right and we will get that to you in minutes.


$149 Standard File Box Special

  • Up to 2000 documents
  • Complete with Simple Litigation and Indexing
  • Complete with Cd or Dvd delivery
  • Certified Document Destruction
  • Free Pickup and Delivery
  • Certain Restrictions Apply
  • Contact us for details


Our pricing is based on the quantity of documents, size, condition, document preparation required (including removal of staples, paper clips; pages oriented) and the type of output required (TIFF, PDF, OCR, Color, CAD for drawings, etc).

Best Price Offer and Low Price Guarantee

We Scan Files has a Best document scanning service price offer. If you find a better price for large-volume projects, please contact us with the your project details, competitor’s price, and any information we will need to verify the competitor’s price. If we can beat it, we will.

Best Price Guarantee

We Scan Files feels that our pricing is very competitive in today’s market. So much so that we offer a Best Price Guarantee. We want our clients to have exactly what they want at the best possible rate! That’s why we have created our We Scan Files Best Price Guarantee. What is our Best Price Guarantee? It’s simple…

We Scan Files guarantees that we will beat any competitors pricing for the exact same service.

If you receive an official price quote from a competitor within 21 days that is lower than our supplied bid we will beat that competitors price by up to 10%.

Call Us For A free Quote About Document Scanning Service Price

We Scan Files offers expert document scanning solutions and has years of experience. Call 214-519-9637 today to know more about document scanning prices per page in Dallas.

You will receive a detailed information regarding your queries. This will allow you to choose the contractor that best fits your scenario and office.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

The price of the professional scanners begins from Rs 25,000 and goes up to Rs 3,65,00 which is the most expensive one in India. 

The price of each scanner varies according to the number of features it has and how advanced it is in its functioning. The most expensive scanners work at the highest speed and scan copies in just a few minutes.

A single page takes about 30 seconds to be scanned, hence 200 pages will take about 100 minutes, that is, 1 hour 40 minutes to be scanned. All the 200 pages will be scanned perfectly in that time.

As the process involves, placing the pages on the scanner and flipping them after they are scanned the scanning time might be affected by the size of the pages. The document scanning prices per page are quite reasonable and can be afforded.

Document scanning is a method of converting physical documents into soft or digital copies for ease of usage. It is used in all businesses as it is the most time-saving method of getting your documents ready.

It reduces the efforts and manual filing of documents. Which also minimizes the number of errors and provides higher accuracy. The document scanning service price is considerable for the outcome provided.

There are various scanner applications available on the play store, which help to scan the documents with the help of your phone.

Once the application is downloaded click the photo of the document, and scan it with the option present in the application, and it's done. A perfectly scanned copy of the document is previewed on your screen.

To download a document, first, the document needs to be selected. Go to the webpage, find the desired document.

Once you find the document, a download link is available beside it. Click on the link, and your file begins to be downloaded. Once it is downloaded, a notification pops up, and the downloaded file can then be viewed.

The cloud storage services in Dallas texas helps you store your very crucial documents safely. The documents are never lost until you manually delete them.

The documents need to be digitally scanned soft copies, to be stored in the cloud storage. It stores the data on the internet securely so that you can access it from any part of the world.

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