How much does document scanning cost?

Pricing for scanning and PDF services is highly variable due to the volume of documents to be scanned, the nature of the original paper documents and the additional PDF services requested. However, scanning is very affordable and can range from as low as $0.08 per page for high-volume, sheet-feedable work with variable pricing for complex services, such as PDF bookmarks, hypertext links, and OCR.

If there was a project that was high volume, low indexing and minimal staple pulling, we have bid projects as low as .03 per page.  As you can see the price really varies depending on what is involved in the entire project.

As a rule of thumb, documents which contain numerous staple and clips will run slightly higher in price. To make your scanning project much more affordable, please remove staples at your office and insert colored sheets between sections, using binder clips to hold larger sections together securely. For a detailed estimate, fill out our Quote Request Form or contact us directly. feels that our pricing is very competitive in todays market. So much so that we offer a Best Price Guarantee. We want our clients to have exactly what they want at the best possible rate! Thats why we have created our Best Price Guarantee. What is our Best Price Guarantee? It’s simple… guarantees that we will beat any competitors pricing for the exact same service. If you receive an official price quote from a competitor within 21 days that is lower than our supplied bid we will beat that competitors price by up to 10%. (Certain restrictions apply.*)