Filing Solutions In Fort Worth Area

Filing Solutions In Fort Worth Area

Photo and Paper Restoration:

Did a flood or spill damage your mission critical documents? If they were digital this would not be a problem! But, if you have not made the move to electronic records yet we can still help. We provide filing solutions in Fort Worth area.

Our team can create digital copies of the damaged documents and clean them up or recreate them if needed. This process is very time intensive but results in a great looking product when you are at a loss.

Data Entry:solutions

Streamlining your business process by going paperless is only as efficient as you make it. We Scan Files can take your pre-scanned documents and enter any amount of data off of the document that your business needs to work efficiently. Getting the information off of the paper and into a database or program of your choice is key when your business revolves around what is on that paper!

File Conversion:

We can convert digital documents from one format to another. Is a particular document type not working well with your organization or software? Do you need to combine numerous documents into a single PDF? We Scan Files is equipped with the latest software to provide all the filing solutions in Fort Worth area and document conversion needs.

Monthly Imaging/Maintenance Retainers:

Does your organization have to much paper or not enough time or manpower to handle the amount of scanning and indexing that it needs done? has monthly retainers with businesses just like yours. We Scan Files provides document management services Dallas, TX that are among the best in the market.

Let our trained staff help keep you caught up throughout the year or let us assist you in a backfile conversion and get your employees handling the day forward operations.

This is a popular and affordable option for many of our clients who just need a little extra help getting their paperless office up and running. Contact our office for more information and pricing.

Optical Character Recognition (O.C.R.):

Lets face it, paper contains a lot of useful data. The challenge is getting that data off the page and into your computer. With OCR technology We Scan Files can pull the text off of your paper documents and input them into a database or usable text file. We can even make the numerous folders of documents you have word searchable for easy searching.

Disaster Prevention:

Do you have a backup solutions in place? Ask yourself this question, “What would happen to my mission critical data if the building was to burn down or flood?” Is your business prepared. Backups are like insurance. Nobody likes to pay for them but when something happens you are glad you have them.

The fact is that most businesses that suffer a major data loss never recover and end up out of business. We can help! Our team can audit your data storage situation then suggest and implement a complete disaster prevention plan. Act today!

Online Storage:

If your internal network is close to maximum bandwidth use, or you need to allow remote access to documents, consider our online storage. We use SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption for electronic document retrieval, the most secure form of encryption available.

SSL allows us to safeguard your data from outsiders with malicious intent and our user-level security system assures that members from your organization can only see the documents that they are authorized to see.

Forms Processing:

Processing information from forms is a major part of any business. After scanning your documents we can collect needed information from your forms. Using custom designed forms processing applications we can efficiently and correctly gather information from your forms.

The forms processing utilizes double-blind keying to ensure that the information we gather is correct.

Document Destruction:

After digitizing your documents or once your documents have pasted their retention period we can destroy them for you. We do this on a schedule, so that you are only storing what you are need to store.

Electronic Document Management Systems or EDMS:

File Servers allows to share and store files at a centralized point for backup, security and flexibility. But files servers alone lack in several areas. The biggest one is the ability to version control documents. With today’s compliances needs it’s mandatory that you retain copies of the original and subsequent revisions as the documents move through their workflow and approval process.

We Scan Files can enter in the Content and Document Management Systems of today and day forward. These systems provide you not only with the flexibility of a file server, but a means in which to version control your documents, they also allow you to lock them down so that only users that you want to see them, can. Save a massive cost on document scanning prices per page at We Scan Files. Here at We Scan Files, we offer document scanning solutions at the affordable prices. The advantages to EDMS, is that you know your documents are safe, and in a central location.

PDF Conversion:

Many times clients have documents that need to be converted to a WORD format, our scanning software helps clients save the time of re-typing the document.


Cloud Storage:

WSF Stratus a service of allows you to access your newly scanned documents as soon as they are scanned from anywhere with internet access.

Document Storage: now offers secure document storage available with all document scanning in Houston, TX.

Scanner Repair: now offers repair services of most major brands off scanners. Do you want to know how much a document scanning service price? We Scan Files provides document scanning services at a competitive price. schedule a services of document scanning services in Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding areas. Call us at

To take care of all your Filing Solutions and needs in Dallas – Fort Worth Area, contact us today!