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More and more, businesses are offering employees the option to work from home. With this rising expectation, it’s becoming essential to provide employees with access to documents over a secure company server system so that confidential papers aren’t lost.

Here are some of the big benefits to creating a mobile office and how We Scan Files can help you get there. If you’re ready to offer a mobile office to your employees, reach out to us for document management in Houston and DFW, TX. We work locally and provide reliable, confidential, and efficient services to many businesses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

  1. Work From Anywhere

You and your employees will love the flexibility of accessing digital files from a coffee shop or on the road. Making it easy to log in and work will appeal to your employees and set you apart from less flexible businesses, attracting and retaining talented, modern workers. Rest assured with security by having your documents scanned onto a password protected server platform. This ensures only your employees have access to work documents.

  1. Get Work Done, All Hours Of Day

Remove the limitations of having to physically be in the office during business hours. When an important deadline comes up, employees can get home to their family for dinner and then finish tasks at home.

  1. Save On Office Storage

Imagine the amount of space freed up by removing bulky metal file storage cabinets and shelving. Many businesses convert the freed-up space into more comfortable working areas for employees. Imagine having the space to add a conference table or whiteboard for brainstorming where files used to sit. Alternately, you might be able to move your business into a smaller location and save on leasing agreements with a lower amount of square footage necessary to perform business tasks.

document management solutions in DFW

  1. Multiple Account Access

Rather than hunching over a shared document or rearranging tasks to look at the same file, employees can log in at the same time to review documents. Getting multiple employees on the same job can help you make time sensitive client deadlines that wouldn’t have been possible before our digital management services.

  1. Save Money

Even if you’re worried about the costs of scanning services in Houston and document management services, think of all the costs keeping paper copies creates for your business. From buying file folders, making copies, shelving, and paying more for storage, owning physical copies adds up. Secondly, you’re paying more in employee time to have someone organize and cull files. If someone loses a file and has to spend time looking for it, you’re paying a wage for zero productivity during that lost time. Third, you’re probably paying extra for the space to hold all the paper files. All this adds up to a big cost for a paper-based system.

If you’re interested in seeing how We Scan Files can help you with document management solutions in DFW and best cloud storage Houston, TX give us a call at (214) 519-9637.

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