Forms Processing by

We are excited to share with everyone Forms Processing by, powered by wedigiforms . Forms Processing simply put is the digital capturing of information entered into data fields and convert it into electronic media.

These processes can be the processing of small application forms to large scale survey forms with multiple pages. Digital form processing solves common errors involved in forms processing when done manually.  Errors including typos can be eliminated as well as the time needed to create or populate data. The data can also be mined and used with multiple platforms when entered with software driven applications.

Our Your current forms paper?

Well paper forms have all the issues of “ink on paper” and not having any of the advantages of forms digitized. When your clients can fill out a preset form and all that data populates contact lists, or sales orders, or accounts receivables /payables with mouse clicks and a few moments. Thus creating a great impression with your client because of the sophistication.

Wondering how your business could benefit from Forms Processing?

Having forms and documents that are fresh, clean, smart and modern, gives a great first impression to your customers. What tone do you want to establish with your customer upon their arrival? Neat and organized, or status quo and we don’t care?In addition, there are probably some things that need fixing on your existing documents:
  • Logos and/or company information
  • Legal compliance
  • Paragraph or line spacing issues
  • Spelling or grammatical errors
  • Revision dates
We can take care of all of that for you.

What if I need the actual printed documents?

No problem. We design your forms so that hard copies can be printed out. They look just as neat and as clean on paper as they do on your computer screen. While we encourage you to have your customers fill out your forms electronically (fewer mistakes, no messy handwriting, easier to use the data and paperless – a little more green), you can still print out the blank forms if they want to fill everything out by hand.

I can create my own forms. Why do I need your service?

In our experience, it’s not that you don’t know how to create your own forms. Our clients choose us because the process of making your own forms is tedious and time consuming. Our service is a great value since we can get these done quickly and efficiently – AND – you don’t need to use up hours and hours and hours of your computer-tech guys’ time.

What kind of forms or documents do you create?

Here’s a small sampling of documents and forms that we’ve worked on:
  • Agreements
  • Applications
  • Customer Information
  • Insurance Forms
  • Medical History
  • Privacy Statements
  • Real Estate Documents
  • Sign Up Forms
Keep in mind that we can create ANY form or document. If you need it, we’ll make it.

Do I have to choose from a template?

We don’t use templates. And no two forms are alike. Whether you want us to re-create your own forms and documents, clean up and convert your existing documents, or make a custom designed form, every document we create, we create specifically for you and your business. We offer several types of services that should meet your needs.

Can you include my logo or other custom header/footer information?

YES! Since every form or document we create is custom-made to your specifications, your logo and unique business information can be included. In fact, one service that we offer is Standardize, which means we re-create all of your forms and documents so that they all look like they came from one company – yours!

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