Data capture and extraction for handwritten documents like loan applications and medical diagnostic flowcharts is often challenging. Key challenges range from low recognition rates to high levels of variation across handwriting styles. 

There is a wide range of recordkeeping mediums, the most common of which are pen and paper. But how do you extract information from handwritten documents to extract complete data sets that contain exactly what you need?

The article will help you understand the process of data capture and extraction for handwritten documents.

Handwritten documents are tough to analyze, but the process has become a lot easier now with handwriting OCR(optical character recognition).

Each letter of OCR depicts a meaning:

O stands for Optical represents sight.

C stands for Character, and it describes any printed or written characters or numbers.

R stands for Recognition meaning, identifying something from the source.

How is Handwriting OCR Different From The Traditional OCR System?

Handwriting OCR is an automated process of extracting handwritten data from paper, digital documents, and scans.

Before the invention of Handwriting OCR, traditional OCRs were in use. OCR can detect fonts and symbols of almost all varieties of machine-printed data. The only limitation OCR has is that it cannot read handwritten text.

The Working of Handwriting OCR

Handwriting OCR uses advanced technologies such as machine learning and involves advanced computer vision engines to detect handwritten letters and their shapes. That’s where our SimpleIndex comes into the picture.

How machine learning plays an important role? It helps the machine learn from its experience and does not instruct now and then about what tasks need to be completed.

Machine learning is an important part of artificial intelligence that provides systems with the ability to learn and iterate from their experience.

Computer vision engines help in automating the manual tasks usually performed by humans.

Benefits of SimpleIndex – An OCR And Barcode Recognition Tool

  • Accuracy:

These systems are highly accurate. They read every letter or number and provide about 95-99% accurate data.

  • Fast:

The system can read documents fast and also help in bulk scanning of documents. If your search history is filled with “bulk document scanning services near me, we are here to help you out.

  • Easy To Use:

SimpleIndex is an easy to use one-click interface and works with any scanner or file present on the computer. Our Cloud-based storage option makes it easier to store documents and is an efficient option for bulk processing.

  • Affordable Pricing:

In today’s competitive market, getting things done under your budget is tough. We provide not only budget-friendly options but also high-quality services to help you manage and grow your business.

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