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We were surprised by this statistic. According to Corp Magazine, only 18% of businesses consider themselves “paperless” or fully digital in the United States. With paper-based management costs at about 31% more expense than digital, businesses are spending more than they have to every year to run their business. Why are companies continuing to spend so much more? Businesses are actually buying more paper than ever. When it comes down to it, most companies holding back are scared of how to get set up for digital management. Most report being worried about a tough process when it comes to making the switch. Having many years’ experience with document scanning in Houston and Ft. Worth, TX We Scan Files has put together some of the most helpful tips to make this process easy.

We Scan Files

  1. Make a plan for scanning existing files. Have us take care of the files in the office already in use.
  2. Think about the organization system you will use. Thinking about how you will access files and where you want them stored will help you make a paperless launch go smoothly. Here’s where we can give you some advice since we’ve helped hundreds of Dallas-Fort Worth businesses set up a secure file server for their business documents.
  3. Start scanning documents immediately as they come in. Having files added directly as you receive them will make the process more and more routine. Don’t let new documents start stacking up. Scan them and then shred the paper. Consider a secure shredding bin in the office so employees can simply deposit already scanned documents there and move onto other tasks.
  4. Throw a paperless office training meeting and go over the procedures for scanning and accessing documents with your team. Make it interactive and have staff try out different parts of the process to make sure they feel confident. Employees will get excited about seeing search tool features, the ability to work on the same file simultaneously, and easier organization. Now a days many organizations are going for scanning and document management Houston, TX.
  1. Get employee input. As you start planning a paperless office, talk to your team about how they currently access the paper files. What parts of the file do they need to access fastest? What would make things easier? What do they spend the most time looking for as they are working on a set of documents? Getting this feedback both before the switch and about a month after you make the change will help fine-tune your paperless system to work as smoothly as possible.

When you are thinking about document scanning in Ft. Worth, having a plan will make the process go smoothly. You don’t have to let fear get in the way of a change that offers numerous benefits. We can help you make the transition. If you want some information on cloud storage services in Houston or know you’re ready and want to get started, call We Scan Files to help you with document scanning in Ft. Worth. Give us a call at (214) 519-9637.

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