Products In Dallas-Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas


WeScanFiles employs an assortment of products, programs, and services designed to provide our clients with optimal results at an optimal rate! Here is a comprehensive list of products we use to scan, index, and streamline documents for your convenience, ensure the safety and security of your data and information, and much more…

Simple Software

WeScanFiles are a VAR (Value Added Reseller) of, and proudly partnered with Simple Software. We incorporate their fleet of programs designed to provide complete automated document scanning and document management services in Houston. These related programs include:

    • SimpleIndex

        • Performs accurate OCR and barcode recognition functionality

        • Its 1-click interface makes it the simplest way to perform complex automated indexing tasks

        • Works with any TWAIN or ISIS scanner, as well as any existing file on your computer (Office documents, PDF files, etc.)

    • SimpleView

        • SimpleView turns existing folders and file shares into a usable, integrated document management solution with easy browsing, powerful searching, integrated viewer and ability to annotate PDF and TIFF documents

    • SimpleCoversheet

        • A barcode printing application used to create cover sheets for automating the indexing process during scanning

    • SimpleSend

        • Automates the process of distributing scanned documents via email or FTP

        • Works with data sets linked to files to enable sending multiple files to multiple destinations automatically

    • SimpleExport

        • Provides a direct link between SimpleIndex document capture and various document management, content management, EMR, and other systems

        • Converts index data to XML or any other formatted text file

    • SimpleOCR

        • Incredibly accurate optical character recognition

Each is designed to work as a standalone application, with each other, or with a wide variety of third-party document scanning and management software.

Vault Rooms

We use Vault Rooms to store your data and keep it secure. Vault Rooms is an industry leading cloud based virtual data room provider. They aim to accelerate complex, information-intensive business transactions and processes by providing a platform for uploading and organizing documents, managing user access and producing a variety of activity and audit reports. Their services have assisted companies and clients on every continent in raising more than $1 billion in growth capital.


Over the past few years, NovaTech has built a great rapport with WeScanFiles, and has become our go-to dealer for the scanning equipment and office technology we utilize in our daily work routine. Known for the past 20 years as an innovative industry leader and technology consultant, NovaTech has been at the forefront in providing state-of-the-art office technology, delivering award-winning service, and providing strategic planning and technology consulting to optimize a business’ technology ecosystem. If you are looking for the scanning services in Houston, we can help you.


PSICapture is our Advanced Document Capture Software of choice to digitize your documents. It does much more than just convert documents from paper to digital format. It’s advanced, automated document capture and data extraction is designed to meet all the needs of any organization.