Many offices and companies in the world have adopted a hybrid or remote workplace. One of the first challenges a company faces while opting for a hybrid workplace is document management. Some feel the traditional way of handling documents is good enough for hybrid workplaces, while others are not sure about document scanning solutions.

About Document Management

As the name suggests, it is a cloud-based system that stores, collects, handles, and allows access to the records like images, PDFs, electronic images, and word files. This system involves steps like document scanning, remote storage, and indexing for smooth and easy access to all information within a few seconds.

Advantages of Document Management

Even after understanding the fundamentals of document management, you might still not be convinced to implement it. Document management provides various advantages to a business.

  • Saves Time

Since the document management system is cloud-based, it helps save time accessing those documents anytime, anywhere. You do not need to go through hundreds of files and pages to get some information. You can get the desired documents with a few taps and clicks.

  • Better Communication

In the traditional method of storing documents, files had to go through numerous officials for verification, which consumed a lot of time and energy. There were high chances of miscommunication. However, through document management and app integration, you can ensure there is no loss of data and that each employee receives the required information with complete transparency.

  • Better Control

Since all the documents and data are in one place with access to all the required people, there is better control over them. Employees can access the required information without the worry of accidentally leaking it.

  • Data Security

The best feature of cloud-based record management is the security it provides to the users without any extra cost to third parties. Data security is the top priority of any company or office. Record management ensures data security to you.

  • Fewer Costs

The old data storage methods require you to invest money in supplies like papers, pens, files, ink, and storage places. You do not need to spend money on such objects through the cloud-based system. Cloud-based record management has several other benefits, and you can learn more about them from a company that provides document scanning in Houston, TX.

Disadvantages of Traditional Storage Methods

If you still feel that cloud-based document management is not good enough for your company or office, you should know the disadvantages that come with traditional storage methods.

  • Mishandling Information

You do not know whether the file that you gave to your employee is in safe hands or not. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the employee can keep it safe from external damage, such as spills. Such accidents and doubts can become hazardous for a company.

  • Wastage of Time

No one likes to go through heaps of papers to find one specific page, and there is no surety that you can find that required page when needed. Information that does not reveal itself when needed is useless.

  • Security Issues

No higher official can trust their employees blindly, especially when handling sensitive information in a competitive world. A company’s secrets need a secure place to stay hidden, and loose pages are not the right place.

  • Arrangement Issues

Can you imagine that you have to arrange hundreds of files and pages related to the information of your employees? It is very challenging to arrange and organise the information of thousands of employees and the company’s sensitive data onto pages.

  • Space

Let us assume you somehow arranged all the information in pages and files. However, where will you store all of this information so that it is safe from damage and breaches? No matter how many secure cabinets and storage spaces you buy, it is extremely difficult to protect pages from external damage.


After knowing all these advantages and disadvantages, you may have started looking for a trustworthy company that provides cloud-based record management services.

Save your time and contact We Scan Files for the best and most affordable record management services in Houston and other surrounding areas. Contact us at (214) 519-9637 or email us for services like cloud-based document management and photo restoration in Houston.


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