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How many times have you had a client call, asking for an invoice, a record, or any other relevant document and had to scurry to find it for what seems like forever just to find it? Or scramble just to find company financial documents for the accountant or taxman at year’s end. Don’t ever catch yourself in an embarrassing scenario like this again. Quit spending hours searching for that client’s requested document. Pull up that specific financial record by month and/or year within seconds. Whatever your file management needs, we’re here to make your work simpler and your clients happier. Our company offers filling solutions in Fort Worth areas in dallas at an affordable price.


To be competitive in today’s markets, businesses need efficient document management processes that capture, archive, search and retrieve information. When mission-critical information is trapped inside folders and buried in file cabinets and boxes, productivity, and performance and profits are negatively impacted. Don’t bog down your crew’s morale with file digging. Utilizing our services, businesses can quickly access digital information to reduce operating costs and increase profits. Save time, save labor costs. Let your team focus on what they do best.


We build your hierarchy logically, with you in mind. Specify to us how you want your files organized after we scan them. We tailor your file management to your every need. We always aim to put ourselves in your shoes. If we were you, ? On top of file naming and nest folders, we take file indexing the extra mile and offer bookmarking within your individual PDFs, so you won’t have to sift through hundreds of pages at a time. Divide and conquer! However you want it, make WeScanFiles your go-to for file indexing and scanning!


Our team members will capture the index and attributes through proprietary software. This software was developed with handwritten indexing in mind due to the fact that handwritten OCR is not reliable at this point in time. The software allows our team members to view the previously scanned document on one side of the screen while they input the data on the other. With some minor changes to a configuration file, the team member will have the exact blanks to fill in per document type, decreasing the chance of any missed index fields.

Depending on the project requirements indexing will be completed by independent teams that are assigned to each document type. Thus, each document will be indexed by someone who is only indexing that particular document which will help in project completion time and assist in error reduction. In addition, all images with handwritten fields will be indexed by capture teams who specialize in data entry from handwritten forms.

During the indexing phase and the attribute capture phase of the project, each entry will be captured twice by two independent team members for enhanced accuracy. The result is two separate data feeds, which are then passed through the file system for comparison. The data comparison will compare all data elements between the two streams and record and flag any streams that differ. At this point, they will be queued for third-hand review and corrected. This results in a highly accurate attribute capture for your database and successful indexing of your documents.


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