We must always be in sync with the present. It helps us be aware of the technological advances of the day and use them to our advantage. Business entities, specifically, require to be up-to-date with the latest aids, such as a document management system, to achieve their goals.

What is a Document Management System?

A document management system refers to digital software that helps one manage their documents digitally and efficiently. The software eliminates the requirement for paper-based document storage. One needs only to scan a document to produce a digital version of the same. With document scanning solutions, the data storage world has seen an unprecedented transformation.

A document management system is available from a variety of providers on the market. Choosing the one most suitable for your business would require you to assess the needs of your business and the features of the document management system.

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How To Choose A Document Management System?

The most distinguishing factor for document management software is whether it is an on-premise/ in-house system or a cloud-based one. Both types of software have their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Understanding the difference between the two can help make the best decision.

What Are The Advantages/ Disadvantages of An On-Premise/ In-House Document Management System?

Businesses that usually opt for it are those that operate on a large scale. That is so because this document management software has lots of technical requirements, such as backing up the data, security concerns, and more.

An in-house document management system offers the following benefits:

  • Authority Over Data

Since an on-premise document software does not rely on any external vendor, it allows you maximum control over the data.

  • Off The Internet

It also eliminates the necessity for internet access. That allows you to access your documents regardless of the internet connectivity.

The system has the following drawbacks:

  • Cost factor

Since you have to manage everything on your own with on-premise software, the overall cost goes up significantly.

  • Backup

One also has to ensure foolproof methods for backing their data onto dedicated servers. Failing to do so can have setbacks for one’s business.

  • Compatibility

Each on-premise document management software is not necessarily compatible with both Windows and Mac OS. It might work with only one of the two OSs.

What Are The Advantages/ Disadvantages of A Cloud-Based Document Management System?

Usually, businesses that operate on small to medium scales opt for this software.

A cloud-based document management system has the following pros:

  • Cost factor

A cloud-based document management system comes at a comparatively lower overall cost.

  • Access the documents anywhere

With cloud-based systems and the internet, one can access documents regardless of their location.

  • No backups or IT support required

Since everything would be on the cloud, backups are unnecessary. That also dismisses the need for IT support.

It has the following drawbacks:

  • Internet failure

A failure of the internet can disrupt access to documents, resulting in loss of time.

  • Failure on the part of the vendor

When your vendor’s servers stop functioning, the access to documents suffers.

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