Movie Digitizing In Fort Worth, TX

Movie Digitizing In Dallas-Fort Worth and Surrounding Areas

We Build Movie Servers

In our grand scheme to make everything digital, our efforts are not limited to just documents. We want to transform your physical home media library into one streamlined, consolidated movie server. Imagine your own personal
Netflix composed of all the films and TV you have collected over a lifetime – content that means something to you – accessible through most devices at the highest quality possible, from anywhere with internet access.

If you’re like us, you cling to physical media because it still offers the highest quality available for home entertainment, and is always consistent. Most streaming services are limited in the amount of bandwidth they can supply to their consumers, meaning you will not always be streaming content with the highest picture quality available. The same is true of digital copies you may have downloaded that are compressed by studios to save space on your hard drive. Depending on your preference, we will strive to give you a movie library with the highest quality you supply from your physical media (DVD, Blu-ray, 4K UHD). STRAIGHT FROM THE SOURCE!

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What We Do

We build a NAS (Network-Attached Storage) Server – a mini-PC housing Terabytes (TB) upon Terabytes of data – to store your large volume of media.

We set you up with a Plex account. Plex is an app UI (user interface), much like Netflix and Hulu, that is custom built to include and access your personal library of media from any device where Plex is available (game console, desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, etc).

We rip all your media in its rawest form, store it to your personal server, and index it within Plex to make your moviegoing experience easy and enjoyable. At an added cost, we will also rip your bonus features and index them into your library.

Imagine all of your media at the press of a button. In its highest quality. No ads!

Never dread of popping discs in and out or storing them in their case again.


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